How to Setup Google and Outlook Calendars to Sync with Artful Agenda

How to Setup Google and Outlook Calendars to Sync with Artful Agenda

syncing google, outlook, and icloud with artful agenda

It’s safe to assume that you’ve used some type of calendar for much of your life. And if any of that calendar use was digital, you’re probably pretty familiar with the ins and outs of your current calendar program. Still, since Artful Agenda’s most valuable features require the correct set up of your calendar source, I thought it’d be a good idea to review the set-up procedures for the most common platforms so that you’re not missing out on features that could make your life more productive AND beautiful.

Begin by setting up your calendars with Google, Outlook or iCloud. (We’ll be focusing on Google and Outlook for now, but iCloud follows a similar process.) All of these calendar platforms sync seamlessly with Artful Agenda. Once the setup is complete, the information will be shared between the two instantly. I’d recommend focusing on some basic calendar features first. Then jump into fun designs and playful patterns in your Artful Agenda. If you can’t decide on a platform, use all three! You can sync one Google, Outlook, or iCloud account with your Artful Agenda. (You will be able to view and access multiple accounts per platform via share settings. More on that later.)

Let’s see how!

Google Calendar

If you have a Gmail account, Google Calendar will be your most seamless option since a calendar comes automatically synced with your account. Type into your browser bar and you will see the calendar for the Gmail account you are currently signed into.  If it hasn’t been set-up yet, it will look like this:

google calendar setup

You will notice that Google has already created some basic calendars under My Calendars on the left side of the screen. If you click the 3 dotted lines that appear when you hover over each calendar and select Settings and Sharing, you can see there are options to share your calendars and update notification preferences.

google calendar

Color coding is a key feature in the Artful Agenda experience. The easiest way to colorfully organize the different facets of your life (work, kids, travel, etc.) is to create a calendar for each category.  You can make as many calendars as you want by clicking on the “+” next to Other Calendars and choosing Create New Calendar. There you will be able to name your calendar, (for example “Soccer Games”) and adjust your sharing permissions. This calendar will show up in your My Calendars section and should be automatically set to sync with Artful Agenda. Once you do this, just click Sync Calendars within Artful Agenda and “Soccer Games” should pop up. Allowing you to give it a unique color so that every event you add automatically shows up color-coded!

Your Artful Agenda calendar can also accommodate any calendars that have been shared with you by family members, work colleagues, or anyone else that may want you to stay up to date with a calendar they have created. As long as the other person adds the Gmail address you are using for Artful Agenda to their calendar, it will be available for you to view and color code in Artful Agenda.

To view and use any of your additional google accounts on Artful Agenda, you (or whomever is sharing a calendar with you) just needs to share the additional calendar with the Gmail account you have synced to Artful Agenda. (You will do this in Google sharing settings: Make sure to choose the permission settings that allow you to “make changes and manage sharing”. Once you do this, just click “sync calendars” on Artful and you should be good!

Outlook Calendar

For those of you who use Outlook, let’s go over the ins and outs of the Outlook calendar. You can find it under the Home tab when you open Outlook.

outlook calendar

As far as the setup goes, Outlook is pretty similar to Google. If you would like to create multiple calendars inside your Outlook to stay organized, just click Add Calendar in the left column, and give your new calendar a name.

Viewing Inside Artful Agenda

When signing up for Artful Agenda, you will be prompted to enter a Gmail, Outlook, or iCloud address. If you find yourself wanting to downsize the number of calendars/categories viewable on your Artful Agenda, simply click the calendar icon in your account and then Manage Calendars. You can hide any calendar by clicking the gold checkmark to its left and toggle it back on by clicking the gray checkmark.

Once you’ve connected your calendar platform(s) and added calendar categories you’d like featured, the information will automatically sync. You can start turning those overwhelmingly days into beautifully productive days. So you can give each piece of your life a color that inspires you to get things done. (May I suggest a “Self Care” calendar coded in whatever color makes you feel the most serene? You have to schedule in those moments or they might never happen!) I hope this helped you with your calendar set-up so you can get the most out of your Artful Agenda!

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