An Artful Overview

Check out this video tutorial of Artful Agenda!


Will Artful Agenda sync with my email?

Artful Agenda is compatible with Google, iCloud, and Outlook. So, if your email is hosted on one of those platforms then yes!

How much does an Artful Agenda subscription cost?

Right now, our prices are discounted at a $3.99/month or $35/year for early access members!

Is there going to be an Artful Agenda phone app?

Yes, and we are getting close to releasing it. Both the iOS and Android apps are in testing right now!

Is there going to be an Artful Agenda iPad app?

We do plan to develop an iPad app in the future! Our next release will be for iPhone and Android phones, but the iPad and tablet apps will come after that.

How do I contact support?

You can submit a support ticket under My Account by selecting Report a Problem. Or reach us at